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ABOUT _ Miriam's Collection

MY BAGs, LOVE letters
from someone who cares to someone special

People _ Spirals of Growth

Loving my career in the area of New Products' Development, together with my interest in people development and my believe that individual's body-mind-spirit are synchronised, I have created MY BAGs _ Miriam’s Collection with the purpose of connecting people, in a way that shows interest & recognition for each other. The BAG (present) is surnamed Love* letter, has rounded corners and metaphorically represents integration-harmony.
Miriam Ponce
Creator of MY BAGs _ Miriam’s Collection

P.S : *Different kinds of love-appreciation can be expressed with respect between partners, friends, connexions, relatives, a colourful way (the same way someone would offer-send a bouquet of flowers to someone else). 
P.S : Miriam’s Collection ( brand EU registered for accessories such as Bags,…) is a simple way to refer to Miriam’s creative work and creations.

P.S : H
armonious integration of 2 poles (left-right), 2 faces (recto-verso), 2 sides (inside-out).

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We believe in the personal magic generated when one person offers/receives spontaneous & sincere appreciation from another.

We create life connecting people through an aesthetic of fabrics, light & colours inscribed within the circular economy.

my bags


The fabrics of our creations are mostly new pieces discarded by other professionals of the textile sector.
We also select & upcycle some quality garments (silks, ...).
Each bag is handmade & unique.


Its rounded angles and lightness adapt to any outfit and illuminate the whole.
Each bag harmoniously integrates two different poles (left-right), faces (front-back) and sides (inside-out).
You can wear it effortlessly, in a playful way!!


1. Check out MY BAGS page.        
2. Choose the ”pair“ Bag-Receiver to connect.
3. Let us know your choice > CONTACT page
4. We add a note-letter (if you wish) that links the bag's story to the receiver.

5. We send the Bag to your Receiver across Europe.

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