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bande People _ Miriam's Collection

PEOPLE _ Miriam's Collection

From our interest in a Sustainable Living connected to humanity
We envision a world where people can add value to the community from their coeur-identity

1/Accompanying people to unfold & display their essence through acts of creativity of different nature.

People _ Spirals of Growth _ Miriam's Collection

Photo # Miriam Ponce _ "Spirals of Growth"_ all rights reserved.

2/Contributing to expand leadership styles that facilitate the harmonic inclusion of animas & human beings.

People _ Coeur identity _ Miriam's Collection

Photo # Miriam Ponce _ "coeur Identity"_ all rights reserved.

3/Helping to elevate the common concept of success to something closer to satisfaction & inner peace.

People _ Balance

Photo # "balance" 

4/Promoting the ability to enrich self-awareness at every step of the way and adjust the personal-professional journey accordingly.

People _ La Force de la Légèreté _ Miriam's Collection

Photo # Miriam Ponce _ "La force de la légèreté"_ all rights reserved.

5/Understanding that each one uses a particular love & service language and that sometimes a "dictionary" may be useful to integrate everyone's contribution.

Bag Campos _ Miriam's Collection

Photo # Miriam Ponce _ MY BAGs, Love letters _ all rights reserved.

6/Allowing empty spaces of zero doing and just being til the benefit of "just being" unfolds by itself and enriches our lives.

Méditer à la plage

Photo # "meditation"

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