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Spring or Fall season!?

A slow fashion/living style is seen more & more across territories ; universal timeless wardrobes that overlap a variety of textiles (no matter season and/or style) and encourage more sustainable trends.

At Miriam's Collection we produce creative acts of appreciation in the shape of a textile BAG while engaging more & more into a sustainable economical approach (circular economy) ;

> We gather beautiful materials left aside by other professionals of the textile sector (home fabrics and clothing designers, upholsterers, ...).

> We visualise unique BAGs that integrate some of those different textiles (recto-verso, inside-out),

> we give physical birth to them in an artisanal way with the help of expert needle-hands,

> We display our creations on-line to friends-family-connexions willing to offer-send appreciation to someone they care,

> each BAG sent by post materializes a "Love-appreciation letter" between two people.

MY BAGs _ Miriam's Collection. #slowfashion #sustainablefashion @miriamscollection _


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