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A leading path

... is the one that takes you where you want to be.

Since "all roads lead to Rome", your leading path becomes the tool you choose-create to learn what you need. The experience brings you particular learning, the learning leads you to a new experience tailored to you... and so on. Each one unique, each one special.

Miriam's Collection became a creative space where to learn through joy by interacting-creating with others.

Communication, European connectivity, adaptable teams & advisors, inspiring & being inspired, uniqueness, pausing, ageless, colours, smiles, positive encounters,... and more & more. And through that, beautifully handmade BAGs have been produced. Each one unique, each one special.

Because we are changing years (2022/2023) we wish happy beginnings to those initiating a new path and happy endings to those finalising a "no longer needed" learning experience.


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